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Ground-breaking ceremony set, and other MARC news here!

MARC will conduct a ground-breaking ceremony Oct. 18, 2013, at 10 a.m. at the site of its new building, 66 BUTTONWOOD COURT, MADISON, WI 53718.

All MARC clients, families, guardians, brokers, related providers, advocates, funders, donors, business partners, supporters, volunteers — and representatives of all area news publications, broadcasting stations, and freelance journalists — are cordially invited to make this event a successful one. We believe that our community has great interest in the establishment of a modern, new facility devoted to the MARC mission of providing meaningful and dignified day services to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, including supportive employment, micro-enterprise support, personal care, education, vocational training, recreation, social interaction, and sensory stimulation.

MARC partners with more than 100 Dane County employers to employ our clients and make their businesses better.
See you on October 18!
Map for the new location.

Welcome new Mt. Horeb program director
Trish Vandre has joined MARC as the new program director in Mt. Horeb, succeeding Sara Herman, who is now director of vocational services for Innovate Services in the Fox Valley region. Trish comes to us from Sauk County, where she is the director of the ADRC, and where she has served vulnerable populations for more than 20 years. She has experience managing a staff of nearly 30 and a budget of nearly $2 million with 10 separate programs and 37 revenue sources. Trish brings abilities to MARC that will help position MARC for the future, including grant writing, five years of negotiating contracts with Family Care, training and experience in system analysis, and a record of innovation and creativity.

Her servant leadership style, in-depth knowledge and compassionate spirit have been widely recognized with speaking engagements and leadership roles for county, state and national professional organizations She holds a bachelor’s degree in human service from Virginia Wesleyan College, has earned certification as a change leader through the University of Wisconsin, and is a Fellow at the GWAAR Leadership Institute.

Trish is a proven leader, excelling at providing motivation and support during extremely demanding and changing times using a philosophy of team-building and creating a culture of mentoring, empowerment and professional development. She is skillful in developing new approaches to service delivery and other professional challenges, performing the related cost-benefit analyses, determining best practices, and piloting creative models. Trish’s expertise in public speaking, training, writing, and network building will serve MARC very well, as will her experience as a professional advocate, her knowledge of a wide array of community resources and entitlement program, and her passion for protecting and maintaining the quality of life of vulnerable people. She is known as a person of great generosity and compassion energetically involved in her church and community, an accomplished musician, and a trusted friend to those in need.

MARC strengthens fund development, community outreach and supported employment networking
Michael Steinhauer has joined MARC as the Director of Job and Fund Development, a hybrid position intended to develop networks that will strength both MARC fund development and supported employment opportunities. Michael has served people with disabilities his entire adult life and brings to MARC deep experience in grant writing, networking, public speaking, and coalition building. He was the 2013 winner of the Community Support Award from the ARC of Dane County.

Michael arrived in Madison in 1999 as the executive director of the Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Association. There, he supported all occupational therapy practitioners state-wide in all settings that OT’s serve people with developmental disabilities.

Michael has helped more Dane County individuals with disabilities and their families, organizations, and communities around disaster and emergency planning activities than any other person in this area of practice. First, he served as a contractor with the Board for People with Developmental Disabilities, where he created a web-based resource bank of readiness materials while addressing numerous state level legislative and regulatory oversight committees, sensitizing them to modern emergency preparedness planning. Later, he served as the Special Populations Planner for Dane County Emergency Management where a comprehensive program was developed around readiness for people with disabilities, disability-related response activities for reception centers, shelters, a volunteer rescue registry, and a program for continuity of operations planning for non-profit service organizations. Michael is a state Instructor for Wisconsin Emergency Management on planning for special populations, the author of the Madison Emergency Management Plan, author of the FEMA Lessons Learned Series spotlight on Special Needs Registries, and co-author of the National Association for Home Care Disaster Planning Guidelines.

Football Mania fundraiser
To raise money, we are conducting a FootballMania fundraiser. For $20 you get music and book downloads and an exciting, complimentary FootballMania sweepstakes game card! Follow the link above to make your contribution and enter the sweepstakes. You have the chance to win $1,000s in prize money! There’s a guaranteed MARC-winner ever week!