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Micro-enterprise, East ground-breaking, and the Foundation fall fund drive

Micro-enterprise rocks!
MARC clients with micro-enterprise businesses attended the late-October BPDD Self-Determination Conference in Wisconsin Dells. Sales were brisk, and we all had fun connecting with old friends and meeting new.
Micro Enterprises-Self Determination Conference 2013 a

Micro Enterprises-Self Determination Conference 2013 c

Micro Enterprises-Self Determination Conference 2013 d

The future begins now
MARC held a ground-breaking ceremony Oct. 18 to celebrate the start of construction on the new east-side facility. Representatives from Dane County, the ARC of Dane County, Potter Lawson architects, Stevens Construction, the MARC centers and much of the DD service community of Dane County were in attendance. Clients from the current MARC East spoke of how excited they were to enjoy the many advantages the new facility will provide. Funding for the building has been donated by the Clack Family Foundation, and the inner furnishings will be purchased with current and future donations.
Client Shoveling at MARC E Ground Breaking 2  10-18-2013

Fran Genter at MARC E Ground Breaking 10-18-2013

George Couch at MARC E Ground Breaking 10-18-2013

MARC E Ground Breaking, Shovel Aspect 10-18-2013

A letter from the Executive Director
No one knew it was possible. The fog of his disability shrouded his talent and muffled his voice, until a camera was put in his hands and the light of “Yes, I can!” pierced the veil, giving voice to another soul in the harmony sung by humankind. Through color, pattern, light, and angle, he is released, proclaimed, connected. Such are the miracles that you make happen at MARC.

Whether it’s the warmth of friendship, the empowerment of learning, the joy of having even a modest job, or the meaning found in microenterprise, the spirit of “Yes, I can!” inspires dreams, transforms lives, and deepens our gratitude for your support of MARC. In my first few months as the new executive at MARC, I’ve learned this is not a job, it’s a mission.

The mission shared by the MARC family creates for us an opportunity to make a difference – and we’ve been making a difference for more than 60 years. We’re working now to build on our heritage, to increase our sustainability, and to expand our ability to serve. Already, we’ve broken ground on a new, world-class facility on Madison’s east side, taken steps to increase public awareness of our mission, and launched new efforts to strengthen our business network that generates supported employment jobs for MARC participants.

This has been a year of transition, and, with your help, MARC will continue moving ahead, forging a new future. County funding for MARC services is slated for a cut in 2014, following a decade of cuts. While we’re doing our part to contain costs and increase other sources of revenue, we need your help. Please say “Yes, I can!” and give generously. Because you never know what is possible.

You can send donations to MARC or the MARC Foundation at 901 Post Rd., Madison 53713, or use the PayPal donate button at center-left of the home page.

With deep gratitude and on behalf of the entire MARC family,
–Russell King