Cycle Point Electronic Recycling

October 27, 2018 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
MARC, Inc Stoughton
932 N Page St
Stoughton, WI 53589
Tenaya Gran
Cycle Point Electronic Recycling @ MARC, Inc Stoughton | Stoughton | Wisconsin | United States

Recycle your old or unused electronics!  Drop off your electronics at MARC, Inc Stoughton, WI.

Accepted Items

Televisions * Monitors * Computers Mobile Phones
Computers Mobile phones Laptop computers Telephones
Notebooks Servers Digital cameras and projectors Digital audio players
Routers DVD players Modems Video cassette recorders
Network cards Video game systems Computer accessories Video display devices
Printers Game controllers Copiers Signal converter boxes
Facsimile machines Image scanners Cable and satellite receivers GPS devices

*CRT televisions/monitors less than 32” $20 fee, greater than 32” $30 fee; Flat screen TV’s $20 fee; $5 fee Desk printers, $5 fee for shredding of hard drives along with an emailed “certificate of destruction”.


For more information please see our Electronic Recycling page:


Items Not Accepted

Any fossil fuel or materials used in collecting fossil fuels. Any liquid.
Any PCB materials or Ballasts manufactured prior 1980. Any media contaminated with oil.
Any equipment that contains chemicals of any kind. Any chemicals, oils, or powders.
Any equipment that contains Freon. Any equipment that contains asbestos.
Fluorescent tubes and vacuum tubes. Any equipment that contains radioactive components.
Any infectious or biological wastes or equipment that contained them.
Any materials that would adversely impact our operations or result in environmental or health problems.