MARC RES and Project Search

Responsive Employment Services, RES
Project SEARCH Madison

901 Post Road
Madison, WI 53713-3260

Phone: (608) 223-9100
Fax: (608) 223-9112


Jamie Gulseth, Director
Phone: (608) 223-9100 Ext. 19

Cathy Loerke, Assistant Director
Phone: (608) 223-9100 Ext. 21

Karen Hansen, Admin Assistant
Phone: (608) 223-9100 Ext. 10

MARC’s Responsive Employment Services, RES, a program focusing on an array of employment options for individuals with disabilities. RES provides supported employment services in partnership with more than 40 businesses in the greater Madison area. RES is approved as an Ability One provided for the federal government. RES also provides support through enclaves, self-employment development and support, and is a partner with Project SEARCH Madison.
Project SEARCH is an internship training program for high school students with disabilities hosted by the VA and UW Hospitals. It is a unique cooperative partnership between the VA and UW Hospitals, Madison Metropolitian School District, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, Dane County Adult Community Services, and MARC.
Project SEARCH is an award winning program of MARC. Project Search was first developed in 1996 at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to provide employment and education opportunities to individuals with significant disabilities.
Project SEARCH was replicated in Madison, Wisconsin in 2008. It is a collaboration of the VA Hospital, UW Hospital, Madison Metropolitan School District, Wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, and Dane County Adult Community Services and Madison Area Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. For more information watch this video: