Vocational Services

MARC currently supports nearly 200 adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities at more than 130 community-based job sites.

Vocational Evaluations/Work Assessments:
To help determine a vocational goal for an individual, an assessment of individualized vocational needs can be completed. This is done using a variety of evaluative tools such as: vocational and personal counseling, psychometric testing, work experience and situational observation. Within many of the MARC Centers, there is real production work available to use for the work assessment. Strengths and barriers are noted based on observation and test scores. Recommendations are given to the individual and discussed to establish optimal work related goals.

Work Experience/Training (work adjustment):
This is designed with the consumer to provide an individualized training program of vocational counseling, behavior management, work hardening and work-oriented learning. The training process may occur within the Center or an employment setting that best fits individual needs and work potential. Individuals develop work tolerance and job-readiness, while learning specific job skills. Program length depends on individual need. Upon successful completion of training, trainees may be referred to Job Placement Services for assistance with locating employment.

Job Development and Placement:
Job Development and Placement services help individuals connect with the job that meets their knowledge, skills and abilities. Our job developers assist with putting together a resume, preparing for a job interview, finding job leads, submitting job applications, setting up and attending interviews, and providing as much help as needed to attain the desired job. Our goal is to assist people with disabilities in finding the jobs they want—in a timely manner. Upon job placement, we ensure employment stability by providing ongoing services and follow up.

Supported Employment/Mentoring: 
MARC offers supported employment services at varying levels of support. Individuals are placed into a wide variety of jobs based on their skills and preferences, provided job coaching to ensure a successful transition, then provided with ongoing follow-up and support for the duration of their employment. The level of this ongoing support varies based on individual needs.

Micro Enterprising: 
With funding from Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Dane County Department of Human Services, MARC, Inc. can assist persons with disabilities in establish and operating his or her own Micro-Enterprise or self employment situation. This may be a great alternative to work for individuals who cannot work in rigid work environments and need more flexibility. Microenterprise presents persons with a disability business networking avenues into the community.

Youth in Transition:
MARC Centers work with high school students with disabilities who will be leaving the public school system and enter the world of work. While working with the school system, MARC assists students in career planning and preparedness. MARC also offers assistance with work experience, on the job training, job shadowing and other activities involved in job development. MARC offers job placement and ongoing support for students in their later years of high school to ensure a smooth transition from school to work.