Mission & History

The importance of CHOICE,  the joy of WORK, the power of COMPASSION.

Who is MARC

MARC is the largest provider of community and program-based employment and day services for adults with developmental disabilities in Dane county. We emphasize the importance of choice, the joy of work, and the power of compassion. Now more than 70 years old, MARC, continues to enhance the lives of more than 375 individuals at six locations and at more than 150 community-based job sites.

History of MARC

MARC services began in 1952 when several mothers started a nursery school for their children with developmental disabilities. All support came from private funding until 1961, when Day Care Services legislation was implemented to provide 40% state funding for children who were not served in the public schools. Private money was required to qualify for the state match.

In 1973, Wisconsin became the second state in the country to adopt a mandatory education law to allow all children to attend public schools. This was soon followed in 1975 by Federal Law 94-142, to require public education for all children with disabilities. Eventually, the public schools were able to accommodate all children with special needs but some of the MARC “children” were already adults and were no longer eligible for public school services. In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s MARC programs changed to provide services for adults through various production activities and community supported employment.

In 1971 Wisconsin began a county administered human services model, hence MARC was funded primarily by Dane County to provide employment and day services to adults with developmental disabilities. Dane County passed through funding from the state and federal governments to keep citizens in their home community, rather than institutional care.

MARC pursued both the advocacy and the service missions until 1977, when MARC separated the two functions into two organizations. MARC continues the human service mission and The Arc-Dane County continues the advocacy mission. The two organizations still cooperate in many ways today.

To this day, MARC exhibits flexibility in funding sources and individual plan design. MARC currently serves over 375 adult residents of Dane and surrounding Counties who have intellectual disabilities. Today, MARC works closely with all Family Care and IRIS funding sources, private pay, and Central Wisconsin Center.

Mission of MARC

MARC enhances the lives of adults with disabilities by providing high-quality individualized employment, educational, recreational, and personal care services.

Vision of MARC

MARC works continuously to develop, improve and personalize its services and programs for adults with disabilities. To fulfill its commitment to provide high-quality individualized and caring services for all participants, regardless of the extent of their disabilities, MARC will continuously enhance its capacity by being innovative, technologically advanced, programmatically and financially accountable, supportive of a skilled and dedicated staff, and a leader in engaging community partners to support all citizens with disabilities.

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