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The importance of CHOICE,  the joy of WORK, the power of COMPASSION.

Volunteering at MARC is both fun and rewarding. The times when people are needed is between 9am-2pm on Mondays through Fridays. Volunteering for just a part of one day is great but having a set reoccurring schedule is preferred. Entertaining skills, like music or circus, are great for the day programs and so are craft activities. If you prefer to socialize in small or large groups or read the paper to a group of people, that is needed too.

To get the process started, contact the program director of the Program you would like to volunteer at and see what their needs currently are. Then they will ask you to fill out a volunteer application, it looks a lot like a job application and a BID form. The BID form is a background check that MARC runs on all employees and volunteers.

Would you like to help but don’t have free time during the week? Then please check out the donation pages for items that the programs currently, or always, are looking for. 

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MARC is always accepting applications. View our employment opportunities