Fall Annual Appeal

The importance of CHOICE,  the joy of WORK, the power of COMPASSION.

Together, MARC is making a difference in the lives of individuals and the community!

We want to share a few highlights of what your donations to the MARC Foundation of Dane County has made possible.

We want to share a few highlights of what your donations made possible.

  • We have been able to enjoy a variety of adventures, including outings to the movies, the zoo, splash pads and swimming pools, pumpkin patches, Olbrich Gardens, bowling, and scheduled weekly outings for breakfast or a snack. 
  • While COVID has limited work schedules, the time we have spent together has been a wonderful option for virtually everyone.
  • For those who are still at home, we have been connecting via phone and Zoom. There have been tears of joy to be able to time together.

  • Therapy animals have contributed so much to individuals’ wellbeing. They help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and ease loneliness with unconditional love, which has benefited many individuals across MARC. 

This program has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of individuals, and we need your support to continue. It costs $40,000 a year to keep these activities going, and we are hoping you can help us again this year!

Michael Lawton

MARC Foundation President

Mary Anne Oemichen

MARC Board of Directors

Please be a part of making a difference.

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Any size helps get individuals into their communities to work, volunteer, and give back.

The Pet Companion Program – Growing During a Pandemic!

It’s not something you think usually occurs, but MARC’s Pet Companion Program has continued to grow, even during the pandemic. The happinesthat the animals have brought to individuals has been wonderful to witness. The Pet Companion Program has helped individuals flourish, especially as they have returned from long quarantines. It’s beautiful to watch a dog enter a room and see faces light up. Animals contribute so much to individuals’ wellbeing, and it’s been proven that dogs reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and ease loneliness, which many individuals struggle with on a daily basis. 2021 has proven that we are “Better Together,” especialy when animals are included!

MARC’s goal for 2022 is to expand the Pet Companion Program as more individuals return to the programs. Plans include learning more about animal health, caring for the animals, and visiting others in the community who could benefit from these wonderful animals.


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