Production Services

The importance of CHOICE,  the joy of WORK, the power of COMPASSION.

Production work provides opportunities for individuals to acquire skills and abilities to reach their employment goals. MARC provides on site production services at MARC West and Mt. Horeb.


Benefits for Individuals with Disabilities

  • MARC matches production opportunities to each individual’s strengths and abilities.
  • Working within MARC facilities creates the flexibility many individuals need.
  • Training and guidance is provided to help individuals learn new skills.
  • Production work is broken down into smaller steps so individuals can complete the tasks they are successful doing.
  • Production work prepares individuals for other employment opportunities by building skills.

Services Offered

MARC offers various types of work for local businesses. Some of these include:

  • Product assembly
  • Product packaging
  • Labeling and collating

If your business has assembly, packaging, labeling or collating needs, then contact MARC, Inc.! Our capable and willing workforce can provide quality products, a timely service and save you money through tax incentives. Benefit from our experience. We Offer:

  • Rapid turn-around
  • Multiple locations
  • Quality and excellence
  • Unique, motivated work force
  • Equipment capabilities
  • Short term product warehousing
  • Pick-up and delivery options

To receive a quote, email us with a description of your project. In most cases, quotes can be issued within one business day. See below for contact information.

MARC, Inc. offers an array of production services at various locations with Dane County.

    Production Partners

    • Clack Corporation
    • Fastenal
    • Name Badge Productions
    • Saris
    • Promega
    • Stellar Services
    • Sub Zero
    • Top Promotions
    • UW Madison
    • WPS