Below is what Nate Kube has to say about MARC and their Project Search Program.

“Before I was with MARC I was going through a battle with depression. MARC and a few other organizations helped me get back on my feet. In September of 2015 enrolled in an internship called project search. Project search is a nine month program for people with developmental disabilities. You do three job rotations, each lasting roughly ten weeks. The project search site I was at was the Kalahari. My first rotation was in the bakery, then the front desk and last I was a host at the Ivory Coast. When I needed assistance the coach from MARC assisted me and made sure I wasn’t getting stressed out. My favorite rotation was the front desk. I love making people happy. In April of 2016 I got employed at the front desk.

As a front desk agent I check people out and in. I answer questions about the resort and I take payment for their room. In 2016 I also won employee of the year. I also serve as an ambassador for their room. In 2017 I went to the annual project search convention and told people about my experience with project search. This year at the Kalahari project search convention I made a commencement speech. I’m also hoping this year I will have the opportunity to go to the different school districts and tell them about the opportunity project search gives for people with developmental disabilities.

I am currently living in an adult family home but I hope to be moving out on my own this fall. Without MARC it would have been difficult for me to get back on my feet again. I am now content with my life and grateful for the opportunities that were given to me after my battle with depression.”