Services Overview

MARC enhances the quality of life by advocating for the full inclusion of adults with developmental disabilities in the community, fostering opportunities for self-worth and dignity, and providing a broad array of support services tailored to individual strengths and needs. MARC offers seven programs that provide a unique combination of services. You can get a glimpse of what MARC does and why you should be a part of it, by watching one or more of these 30-second infomercials:

MARC overview
MARC promotes diversity in the workforce
MARC’s supported employees make a positive impact!
MARC’s supported employees are dedicated!
MARC seeks matches between supported employees’ abilities and interests with employers’ needs.

Day Services
Download our Day Services brochure.

Vocational Services
Download our MARC Supported Employment Brochure brochure.
Download the MARC Answers to Common Questions from the Business Community about Employing People with Disabilities.
Download our Micro-Enterprise brochure.

Production Services
Download our Production Services brochure.

MARC Statement Of Qualifications