Day Services

Social Activities:
Our goal is to meet each individual’s need for flexible and customized services. Arts and enrichment services are designed to value each individual’s abilities and maximize their participation. Activities include, but are not limited to: arts and crafts, music and karaoke, cooking and baking, gardening, grooming, fishing, games and puzzles, movies, coffee and social time, community outings, music and time with animals.

Memory loss, Alzheimer’s and Dementia specific programming is also offered for individuals with disabilities. Services are designed to meet the progressing needs of individuals as they move through the different stages. Participation in art classes is designed to offer a wide variety of expressive opportunities, through a variety of media. Each individual’s participation is celebrated.

Community Involvement/Outings:
MARC Day Services help individuals to participate in social activities. Participation in community building activities establish a link between recreational, and leisure activities and the development of a community support network.

Adult Education:
Education is designed to enhance the quality of life by fostering opportunities for self-worth and dignity; and providing a broad array of opportunities to help maintain existing skills and learn new skills. Classes and activities are tailored to individual strengths and needs.

Family/Guardian Involvement: 
Participant and guardian input direct the individual plan. MARC staff are committed to a team concept. Each team is centered on the individual with a disability. We respect that each member of the team has a different and valuable contribution in the life of the individual we support. During the initial Assessment process, much time is spent getting to know each individual and their team members. Information about the individual, their interests, preferences, medical needs, etc. is gathered. Services are explained, questions answered, and the wishes and expectations of the entire team are discussed. During the assessment process, visits to the MARC Programs are scheduled and observations are completed. Planning, which includes looking at future dreams, goals and desires, is discussed.

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